Thinking of a great and thoughtful corporate gift can be very hard. As much as you want to make it professional, you also want it to be very memorable for your client or employee to build a solid professional relationship with them. Fortunately, these affordable and practical gift ideas are already good enough as your corporate gift for the holidays.

  1. Wine Tool Set
    Surprise your wine enthusiast clients with a stylish wine tool set. There are lots of beautiful designs like a bamboo wooden box, which will surely make them happy. You can give it along with an appreciation letter to make your gift extra personal.

  2. Business Card Holder
    Most employees love an organized and clean desk, which is why giving them a beautiful card holder will be highly appreciated. Having a presentable and eye-pleasing business card holder is a delight for them, and will make them very excited every time they are to hand out one of their cards.
  1. Calendar
    Time and schedules are very critical for working professionals. You can help them practice a great habit of marking their calendars by giving them a nice calendar—of course, it should be the updated one. You can choose the one with puppies, touches of humor, or artistic style of calendar depending on the person.

  2. Terrarium For Plants
    One common corporate gift is office plants like succulents. However, those plants die at some time—especially, when it isn’t well taken care of. Good thing, you can help them by giving them a terrarium for their plants like ferns, succulents, or small flowers.

Some business owners might think that corporate gifts are a big expense for the company even if it’s corporate gifts wholesale Singapore because it needs to be rare, but it’s not actually necessary. Knowing your client or employee will help you know the best item for them, and that will surely make them happy—whether it is an expensive gift or not.