Name your niche; photography, designing, web blogging, and so on. Instagram is one of the best platforms that you can use to hook more clients by featuring your best works, products, and services. It serves as your portfolio that will establish the credibility of your business online. Get your pens and notes out, these are the tips that will guide you in creating your Instagram Portfolio.

  1. Instagram Bio as Cover Letter

It is important to start out with a bang by welcoming your IG visitors with an interesting Instagram bio. You can write there your passion, goals, location, and any other thing that you want the client to know about you that will make them more interested. It is basically the part where the client will get to know your business, and it is only effective if it is interesting like having emojis.

  1. Instagram Feed as Visual Portfolio

This part is where you mostly put yourselves in your potential customer’s shoes. You should think of what your target people want to see when they visit your profile. If you’re a graphic designer or a photographer, you can use your feed to let them know about your art style or techniques. This will also help them see the difference between your business and with your competitors.

  1. Update and Be Active

Everyone knows the importance of posting regularly. For some businesses, it could be quite though to post even at least one new content for their feed every day, and you don’t want to compromise the quality of your content just for the sake of being able to post one per day. You can also use planner apps that will help you organize and plan your future Instagram posts.

There are actually more tips that you could learn from like being unique, connecting with communities, using IG stories and highlights, and so on. However, these are the basics where you should start and focus first that will surely help you expand and comprar reproducciones Instagram españa business portfolio.