Roam alone and do whatever you intend to do with GTA 5 Download. No matter if you have PC, X-box or Play station the excitement of this game is available for you. It is a single player story mode game and is an action-adventure game. The protagonist navigates on foot or by vehicle and single-handedly commits heist sequences. It is available online for multi-player mode.


There’s an open world for you! Play and explore San Andrea by unlocking the various missions. The player uses firearms and explosives to complete the theft tale. As a protagonist one can run, jump, swim, auto-aim, use vehicles and navigate the open area. There is a mini-map which the person can explore and escape the enemies. On committing crimes, the wanted meter changes and at a maximum of five-star levels the player is sought after by the police or SWAT team. Few stories are completed by one character while others require two-three characters that are in your control. Each character has distinguished skills in relation to jumping, shooting, drifting and driving.

Factual information

The game is generally played by a single player but there are three characters to choose from and they have their distinct ways.

  • Characters and traits: The auto players in the game are namely; Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. First one is a retired criminal and is relaxed in approach. The second one is a player with a traditional approach and is an ambitious criminal. The third one is a destructive player in nature. They have their distinct sleeping and working pattern. The age differences between the characters differ a lot.

GTA 5 Download had a huge impact on gamers and is a widely acclaimed game. Due to its popularity, it has been re-released many times. So download and carry on the theft.