What more is enjoyable for tender kids than Summer Sports! It is the only time of the year when kids can go out in the open and play and have fun under the bright sun. It is a great way of both mental and physical refreshment for kids. Cons of Summer Sports? Guess, the ONLY con is choosing what summer game to play.

What are Summer Sports?

Summer sports are the sports played to get oneself active in summer. It is widespread among kids.

The top 5 summer sports prominent all over the world are:

  • Biking/Skateboarding
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Basketball

Is it beneficial to play summer sports for kids?

Of course! Well comparing today’s generation where young kids cling on to smartphones and other electronic gadgets, it is way healthy and beneficial for kids to go outside and play. Winter is not so suitable as it is health affecting. Thus, summer is the best time to play.

Many doctors recommend parents to send their toddlers and small kids to play summer games, PokerQQ as they know its tremendous impact on a kid’s health.

Below are 5 health benefits of Summer Sports:

  1. Physical Exercise: A kid is more energetic to play a game than to specifically perform physical exercise. Thus, it is very promotional way to get a kid into exercise via sports which unknowingly indulge in great body exercises
  2. Break Self- restraint rules: Children are made to spend most of their times during schooldays indoors and under strict discipline. But they are very energetic during this time and age. Thus, sports in a holiday help a child to break such restraint rules and unleash their energy on the field.
  3. Healthy Mind: Sports develop various mental skills of a child such as strategic and critical thinking ability, leadership ability, champions resilience, peace and calmness of mind etc. Such skills are very much needed in the long run and they also help in creating a healthy mind.
  4. Connection to Nature: Especially for children staying in city areas, summer sports are actually a necessary for them to get out of the polluted and artificial environment of the city into a fresh and healthy natural area (maybe of the city itself) to play and gulp down the freshness of the nature
  5. Abstain from Technology: At least for a month, a child of today’s generation accepts to give up technology which is harmful for its radiating rays, and go outside and play, get socially interacted and enjoy.