Imagine the usual shopper heading to the malls with big crowds, lining up in long queues and shopping for birthday gifts, wedding presents or even holiday gifts. The stressful atmosphere is enough for one to have a headache along with precious time wasted over just lining up. It makes you wonder, do luxury shoppers go through this too?

The answer is they don’t. Most luxury shoppers don’t go through such process in shopping gifts for their friends, family, business partners and employees. They don’t waste time in lining up. They don’t have a special pass. But they do know a lot of ways on how to bypass long lines, avoid the rush and keep the shopping experience hassle free.

Below are tips how you too can shop like them:

Plan Ahead

We’re not talking about a week here. We’re talking about months of preparation ahead on what gifts to give. Luxury shoppers have a lot of work to do that they deal with their shopping so far ahead so that they won’t panic at the last second. So plan months ahead for an easy shopping experience. For instance, don’t wait till December to start thinking of what Christmas gifts to give. By June, you must have a detailed Christmas shopping list ready.

Write It Down

Jot every gift you need to buy for your friends or family. Write it all down in a list that will serve as your handy guide in sorting out all your thoughts and ideas. This way, you won’t stress over the fact that you’re not sure what to get someone when the time for shopping comes.

Wish Lists

Wish lists are so popular these days. These are lists that your friends have that already include what gifts they want to receive. This makes thinking of what to give them easier since they’re already providing you their ideas.

Ask your friends if they have any wish lists ready. Social media is also widely used that chances are, their lists are posted on their page for your reference. 

Use a Concierge

The reason why you don’t see luxury shoppers along with you at the malls is because they use a service called a shopping concierge where these people do the shopping for them. It’s like their personal shoppers. With the list they’ve made, they only need to hand it over to their personal shoppers, have them purchase their items and then have it delivered to their doorsteps. They bill them after all the shopping has been done. This service makes for an easy, hassle free shopping.


You don’t have to physically be there to shop for gifts. A lot of people, luxury shoppers and regular shoppers alike, go online to order their items. This way, shopping is a breeze by just adding your stuff to your online cart and then paying via your credit card. Can you imagine how relaxing this must be already?

The Singapore gift market is always an ideal place to shop for luxury items and regular items as well, both online and in the malls. So when you need a place to shop or have someone shop for you like luxurious people do, check out and visit Singapore.