As you can see, every country follows a specific type of sockets in distributing electricity. And as a tourist, this is sometimes a hassle since most of our chargers are not compatible with these said outlets. Being a Traveler, it is essential that you know what kind of sockets this country has so that you can prepare something in case your electronics ran out of juice.

For that, what you need is a universal power adapter, in which you can use as an “intermediary” between your standard charger and the socket.

The Main Benefit Of Having A Universal Travel Adapter

Aside from making your chargers compatible with the electrical sockets of the country where you are headed, there is one essential benefit of having this nifty gadget handy. Thus, this is so that your devices can still use its factory-issued charger no matter what kind of plug is available to you. And this will ensure that its recommended charger is charging your gadget. Also, this can save you from buying a new charger that can sometimes cause some problems on our device.

Few Tips To Remember

Adapters are just basically an extension of your plug so that it can fit a particular socket. Having a universal travel charger can ensure that wherever your destination is, you are prepared. Prepared in the sense that you can plug any of your electronics with ease no matter the plug is.

Just remember to choose a quality universal travel adapter so that you can ensure that it will last longer and won’t damage your electronics. Also, if you are a frequent traveler to different countries, it is much better to choose a universal travel adapter that can accommodate the most common socket types all over the world for convenience.


If you are seeking for universal travel adapters for Europe, make sure your adapter is compatible for Type C, E, and F sockets, with exemption to the UK for they use Type G sockets. With universal travel adapters, you can ensure that you are always connected, no matter where you go.