Your health is important and it’s necessary to form health habits at an early age. This is because practicing them will lead to a longer and healthier life. Think of it as your body giving back from all the nice things you’ve done for it. Loving your body is the best investment you can give.

Here are 5 health habits to form that your body will gladly thank you for in the future:

Drinking Water

When the body is thirsty, it leaves you feeling parched and dry. Water is the ideal drink. Drinking water, specifically 8-10 glasses a day, keeps your body hydrated. Avoid sugary drinks which will only add to diabetes problems in the future. Plain water is the way to go. You’ll notice a softer skin, luscious hair and even a good mood when you’re well hydrated.

Avoid Smoking

If you haven’t tried smoking before, don’t do it. If you currently are doing it, then it’s time for you to quit. Smoking destroys your lungs. So if you want to live a little longer, quit or avoid smoking at all costs.

Get Some Sleep

People like to sleep for a short amount of time. This is because they see sleeping as a waste of time when they can be doing a lot of things when they’re awake. But do be kind to your body. Just like a mobile phone, it needs to recharge. Sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. Make sure you sleep early too.


Your body needs to burn all that stored unhealthy fat. Get into a regular exercise routine so you won’t fall into a sluggish state.

You can also exercise your mind by playing games on the internet such as Domino 99 or QQ online.

Be Kind

Being kind to others can do wonders to your mood and mental state. Greet your neighbors in the morning. Say please and thank you. These are simple things that give off the biggest and kindest impression that also gives you a positive energy back.