Everything is becoming digital and paperless these days. The initiative has been taken to preserve the nature as much as possible and less usage of the paper as it causes harm to the environment. Event today despite this initiation of becoming paperless, still some offices are using lots and lots of paperwork. But these paperwork’s can be decreased by using various tools online. Whether it be word document or pdf document, they are all stored in the computer’s drive and can be accessed anytime. Moreover, there are cloud services which can host these portable formats for a longer period. You can use pdf converter to convert word document resume to pdf documents.

Why do we need a pdf converter?

Now, the question is, if we can keep the files in other formats such as doc or docx, then why there is need for a pdf file or pdf converter? The answer to this is simple, the pdf formats are more secure than the doc. You cannot make any modifications in a pdf document, until and unless you are highly skilled to edit those documents and using the tools.

For instance, you have made your resume in the doc format for your job opportunities and now you want it to upload online and send it to various companies. But you cannot directly send a word document as it is editable and can be edited and modifications can be done. Here we need converter to convert word document resume to pdf and make it more secure before uploading it or sending it to the various other companies.


In simplified way, to reduce the amount of usage of paper and save nature and make the world paperless these documents are used which can be preserved for a long time. The pdf converter is an effective tool which can be used to convert other document files.