After a long and tiring week, nothing is more relaxing than curling up in a blanket, munching your favorite snack and watching an amazing movie! You just worry about blanket and snacks because the movie part of the prefect weekend will be covered up here!

So, here is how you can rent movies via various devices, you can read this article for more information on it.

Android Devices

Android devices are very popular and almost everyone has access to one. There are Android smartphones, TVs and even android laptops. Renting movies on an android device is as easy as downloading an app. Just go to Play store and type the movie’s name, or just click on movies category to explore. Once you have selected the movie just click on “Rent from” button and after you’ve paid the money you can start the movie within 30 days of purchase and finish within 48 hours.

Apple Devices

Apple users can go to iTunes store and search for the movie they want, or browse through genre or ratings. Once a movie is selected, you can choose the quality and rent the movie. Once you hit the play button, you get 24 hours to finish the movie.

Windows Devices

Windows users can rent movies from Microsoft store. Just search the movie, or browse through Movies and TV category to explore. Once selected, just choose the quality and click on rent. After you’ve rented it, you get 14 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish the movie.

Other than these device-specific options, you can also rent movies from Netflix, Amazon movies, Hulu, Vimeo, MGO, etc. These can be accessed from any device. Another universal option is YouTube from which you can rent movies and you get 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish it.