VGA and S-Video conversion can be really helpful but before getting to that one must first understand what it really means. This article deals with this. Here you’ll get familiar with the concept and understand what it all means.

What is VGA?

VGS is abbreviation of Video Graphics Array and it is a standard type of connection for video devices, that includes monitors and projectors.

VGA are cables or ports or connectors that connect video cards to monitors. VGAs are slowly being replaced by newer and better options like HDMI. To read more about HDMI click here.

Identifying a VGA.

VGA cables are easy to identify. They are of two types: male and female.

Male VGA cables have fifteen pins protruding; three rows with five pins in each.

Female VGA ports have fifteen holes to fit in the pins of male VGA cable.

Now that should be enough about VGA.

What is S-Video

S-Video is short for Super Video. It is an old signal type that is transmitted in form of varying electrical signals. It only transfers 480i or 567i resolutions.

S-Video or Super Video is used in connecting computers, Video Consoles, DVD players or video cameras to TVs.

S-Video cable transmits signal through two synchronized ground pairs named Y and C.

Identifying S-Video

These ports can be either have 9, 7 or 4. These are round ports with slightly flat bottom and multiple holes.

This is all you need to know about S-Video and VGA.