The video conversion is very common, and in demand during this generation. Watching videos through PSP also requires video conversion since there a lot of video formats that are available online but, there are only a few formats that can be read through your PSP system player. The most generic format you can go with is the MP4 format.

This format is the most common format used on PSP, and its online converter is also easy to find, it is even free for consumers like you. If you want to convert video files for your PSP prepare your laptop or computer then, you can continue to follow the steps below.

  1. Download and Install

Download online converter to your laptop or computer. You can use AVS Video Converter, YTD Video Converter or if you know any other available applications you can use it as well. There’s also an online converter that doesn’t need installation you just need to go to their website like,

  1. Select your Desired Video File

After downloading and installing your converter you need to run it and select or pick your desired video that you want to convert. For converters like AVS and YTD, you need to pick the file that you have in stored in your laptop or computer. But, for converters like you just need to paste the link of the video that you want to convert.

  1. Choose the Format and File Path

After picking the video you want to convert, now you need to select the format that you want it to be converted. For converters like AVS and YTD, you also need to pick the file path or folder where you want it to be saved. Then proceed to the conversion

  1. File Transfer

After the conversion, for AVS or YTD converters you will see the file on the path that you previously selected then you can proceed to transfer it to your PSP. For, after the conversion, you will have the option to download it into your computer then transfer it afterward.