When watching movies, you want nothing to interrupt you, you want to binge-watch all the movies on your checklist on those warm Sunday afternoons and in this multitude of websites offering you how to watch movies for free, it might get confusing for you to choose one, without all those viruses and hacking agents, to ruin your system. Here are the best ways to stream movies for free online, without the fear of your systems getting hacked:


We often underestimate the sources closest to us. Well, yes, YouTube offers a selective amount of movies for free, probably the ones which are unpatented or have lost their copyrights. With all those music videos and a universe of tutorials, YouTube provides for a platform where you can binge-watch on some of your favorite movies.


Well, many of you might not have heard about Hulu, but this is one gem of a platform which gives you all the TV series and movies extremely handy. While you might have to wait for a week’s time to watch a new episode if you do not have a Hulu Plus account, there’s nothing to lose here.

Websites like 123movies free, Fmovies, Xmovies8

These websites offer you whatever you want, whenever you want and on whichever device you want it! Be it any movie or any TV series, you get it all for free. You can sit day and night, binging on all your favorite shows and films without really having to make up online accounts or share your credit information.

Amazon Prime, Netflix- first month free subscriptions

The easiest and the best way to watch good quality, high definition content online and that too for free. Both Prime and Netflix offer the first month subscriptions free of any cost and although, you have to register and give the payment information beforehand, you can always stop when the first month’s going to end and start with another id and some other information.