During the process of weight loss, the first important thing that must be paid attention to along with exercise is the intake of the right foods. Abs are not made in the gym but in the kitchen and that’s the motivation one must have throughout. While 30% of body fat is lost with exercise, the remaining 70% must be lost by eating the right kind of food. But what are the best food options to be taken during the weight shedding process? Let’s get into the detail of it.

Common foods to try during the weight loss process:

Intake of foods during the weight loss journey has to be done in a proportionate manner. There must be an intake of all the nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and also fats. Therefore, some of the foods that must be eaten are as follows:

  • Consume lots of lentils and pulses-

Pulses and lentils have lots of antioxidants and additional vitamins and minerals. A small cup of pulses can do wonders to the body.

  • Drink green tea every day in the morning-

Green tea is a magic element loaded with lots of properties. Its anti-aging factor is beneficial as well. Individuals struggling to lose weight can surely lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks if green tea is taken in the morning as it boosts the metabolism of the body and makes one feel energetic.

  • Eat healthy fats-

Healthy fats comprise of various foods like nuts, fish and even chicken. Consumption of red meat must be avoided and must be done once in two months. Even omega 3 fatty acids must be taken in small portions as well.

If the right amount of food is given to the body, then it would start showing the ra esults with few days itself.