Animated videos are becoming quite popular in a number of industries. This has also become the format of choice for digital marketing strategies of various firms and companies. While these videos seem simple through the eyes of the viewers, there is actually a lot that goes in behind making these animated videos. There are a well-thought process steps that are followed to get a custom lyric video up and running in a company’s website or social media page.

Here are the steps animated videos go through before it gets life:

Shooting for a reference video as a starting material

This is one of the most overlooked step in making animated videos. Especially for videos with scenes featuring physical actions, having a reference video is important to capture how certain actions should look and appear. Physical actions need to be thoroughly analyzed to be able to successfully translate it in an animated video.

Determine key poses of your shots

Key poses are the poses that communicate the story of certain shots. With knowledge on physical actions, determining your key poses will have tremendous impact on how your message will be delivered in your animated video. Getting the key poses right is fundamental for the next step to work effectively.

Add passing poses to avoid blocking

Once key poses have been determined, we then add ‘in betweens’, also known as passing poses. These poses connect key poses to each other to make the movement look more natural and eye-pleasing to the viewer. Without these, the video will result in a very blocky motion.

Make the movement smoother through splining

Playing a series of poses, even with carefully placed key and passing poses will still look unnatural if not connected properly. Splining will connect the movement between each pose creating a smoother movement all through out.

Add life through imperfections

This is the fun part. Having a perfectly executed animated scene can appear quite unnatural, mainly because of how perfect it is. Adding small imperfections bring the scene to life, giving an overall natural feel to the scene and video.