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But there are youngsters who still love playing out in the open. Soccer being one of the youth’s favourite sport we will get to know some more things about it in brief. Most coaches focus on keeping their goalkeeper active during the matches which will encourage them to have their main concentration on taking goal kicks. This will be a great way in which your goalkeeper can be kept active even in cold weather.

Some tactics that will help your goalkeeper

The very first option that you have is that you move your full backs out wide. If the ball is in the hands of the goalkeeper then you can ask them to throw it over-arm in a bowling motion so that the ball can easily reach out to the teammate.

You need to make sure that the players on your team move and then get in front of the opposition. This will surely give your goalkeeper some good confidence.

The distribution of the goalkeeper

You need to be aware that the movement as well as the distribution of the goalkeeper can be a factor which decides between winning and losing. Like you are aware, a big kick will give the ball away. But if you decide to pass to a defender than that is going to imply that the team will be running with the ball and is ready to start out with attacks from their half. Also, if you are the coach it is very essential that you work well upon the distribution skills of your goalkeeper.