PUBG has been considered to be one of the best online multiplayer games out right now. And to capitalize on the growing mobile gaming community, Tencent has released a mobile version of PUBG playable in smartphones and tablets. This is a great step in expanding the game’s availability to a wider range of gamers, but given the complicated controls and gameplay PUBG has, adapting to a mobile version of the game was quite difficult for most players.

Relying on virtual buttons in a screen to play PUBG is quite challenging, even for experienced players. Some have even tried implementing illegal tricks such as PUBG wallhack and aimbot to gain competitive advantage.

To address this, recent patch updates in PUBG have now allowed players to customize in-screen controls to suit a player’s comfort and playability. Here are some of the best advanced touchscreen controls a player can use for PUBG Mobile.

General on-screen button layouts

Tapping the gear icon in the game home screen will bring you to the game settings, which will allow you to change the basic layout of in-screen buttons. This is the first step in creating a more tailor-fit in-screen controls for your PUBG gaming experience.

You will be greeted with 3 basic options for button layout. The first one, which is the default layout have the left side of the screen dedicated to movement controls and the right side for aiming, with a fixed fire button for firing your weapon. The second one has a floating fire button on the right side, allowing you to fire your weapon while aiming. The last layout has the entire screen for aiming with a fixed movement and fire button on the left and right side respectively.

Icons and the peek and scope controls

Aside from editing the generally layout, you can adjust specific elements of the controls to suit your liking. The size of the fixed fire and movement button icons can be adjusted. There is also an option to enable the peek and scope buttons which gives you more competitive advantage over other players.