There are a lot of tools you can use when it comes to downloading websites from Youtube. You can use a tool or visit a website called Youtube Playlist to MP3. But the main problem is what is the best way to download videos and playlists on Youtube? There might be a lot of methods but finding the best and reliable one is not easy. Here we will show you how to easily download the videos and playlists you wanted from Youtube to your PC or mobile phone.

SSYoutube method

This is one of the best and easiest methods you can find on downloading videos from Youtube. You just need to visit the video you want to download, then navigate to your website address and add “ss” before This will redirect you on the website called save from net wherein the video you wanted to download will show up on the website. The website will also show you options on what type of file you want the download to be. It can be an mp4, flv or mp3. The website also supports downloading from the lowest resolution 144p to the high-resolution 1080p60. Whether you want to download it as an audio file or a video file you can choose.

Use Youtube-to-Mp3

Nobody can deny that using this website can save you a lot of time than browsing discography albums on the internet just to download it. This website lets users download their specific video from Youtube then convert it to an audio file mp3. It can let you download videos without limit, unlike other Youtube downloader websites. It is a simple website where you can just paste your desired URL of the Youtube video then process it then allows you to download it. Isn’t it easy?