The gaming world would never forget the glory days of adventure games way back in the 90s. It was surely the heyday of that genre, and gamers can’t help but reminisce. While they continue repeatedly play Monkey Island, King’s Quest and other great adventure games, the genre is starting to make a comeback.

While there have already been big-name adventure games that have been a huge success like the Walking Dead and Life Is Strange, here are some other great adventure games that will is starting to revive the genre.

  1. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

This game shows a very different and unique take on apocalyptic games. Rather than a violent and action-filled storyline, it gives the players the feeling of being in a very lonesome world.


  1. Firewatch

Another promising adventure game in the gaming industry today is Firewatch. With its great visuals, beautiful world, and creative dialogues, it is surely an exciting game to play for adventure game fans.


  1. Tacoma

From the developers of Gone Home, Tacoma shows the same brilliance and mastery of how it was made. Even with a new and different story, it builds a very intriguing storyline that resembles the game Rapture by Bioshock.


  1. Obduction

Die-hard adventure game fans would always remember how great Myst was during the day. Obduction is another great adventure game that you should try because it was made by the same developers. This game shows a surreal exploration with its strange yet beautiful world.

All of these games are available on certain platforms like PS4, Xbox, PC, and so on. The fact that these games have shown a glimpse of how great adventure games are, that shows how great the genre is before the new games today like action, poker online, multiplayer, and many other game genres.