Dragon city is one of those single player social network games that became an overnight sensation on Facebook, as well as on mobile too after it was ported. It is a Pokemon-esque game in which players can raise their dragons and create their own Dragon City. Oh, did I mention that Dragon Cities are on floating islands? These are just a few of the charms of this games that captivated players worldwide, young or old.

A Celebration Gift For Players

Last April of 2014, the game developers of Dragon City release a rare dragon for its players to celebrate their first anniversary. This dragon, the double Terra dragon, may seem ordinary at first, but later on, it evolves into a beautiful dragon that most players adore. After the event, it appears that this dragon becomes rare and hard to come by. It is so unique that players even use a dragon story breeding calculator to evolve their precious pet properly. Players all over the game heralded this once free dragon into one of the most impressive dragons in the game.

How To Get This Dragon?

So far, the only way that you can acquire the Double Terra Dragon is waiting for the next event where the game can give it for free. Also, there is a chance that this dragon can be purchased in the store at a discounted price. If you feel cheeky enough, you can also install mods so that you can unlock this awesome dragon.


Double Terra Dragon, as well as other dragons in-game, will turn out to be an excellent pet for any player as long as they properly follow how to raise them. For those who want to have a Double Terra Dragon, then, for now, you may be out of luck. But who knows, later on, you can get your very own Double Terra Dragon.