Modern-day appliance and gadgets are now connected to the internet. Yes, they can now be used to stream videos and can surf the web. Thanks to the Wi-Fi network, this is now possible with just a click of a button. Today, online 4k video streaming, mobile games, and video games are currently in high demand. Older routers are now replaced with newer and faster routers, and if there are too many devices that are connected and using vast amounts of data, you can see the sign and expect lags in online games, long buffering of videos, and slow-loading web pages. Thus, no one wants lousy Wi-Fi connections. Therefore, these are the tips and guides you can follow in choosing the best wireless routers for your home.

Choose the 802.11ac

Some wireless routers are now supported with 802.11ac. It is the 5th generation and the latest version that offers up to 1300Mbps of throughput. That is two times faster than the previous version 802.11n Wi-Fi. Though, all versions A, B, G, and N are compatible with each other. Connecting your latest version to older and earlier versions can give you capped at the lower speed. But, the N version is still available and most used routers even they are now dirt cheap and dropped price.

Determine how much Space the Signal can Cover

If you live in a large home, serving a Wi-Fi connection to any device at your home can cause a problem. Mainly if you are using the 5GHz band in large areas. If small homes and apartments, a single router that has a set of antennas can manage to give a strong signal. Hence, the placement of the router is also essential. And by placing your router to the central place of your home, it can boost the Wi-Fi coverage and performance at your home.


If you want other routers such as Netgear wireless router, feel free to visit the nearest stores in your area. They might have the best routers that are ideal for your home.