Sometimes it can be confusing to tell if two people are dating or in a serious relationship. The thing is, they can be or not. So, instead of describing the difference between the two, it would be clear if I will show you what dating is not. Thus, this will give you an idea as to where you are in the midst of your confusion. When two people go out, it can still be dating. But it can also be a friendly date. You can go out in a group, and it can be a group date. Being in a relationship is more in-depth; you can still go out on a date with each other on a Saturday night. Or you can both choose to stay and cook dinner. Either way, you are still in a relationship.

Relationship Basics

When you are in a relationship, it means you put up a commitment. You both decided only to see each other exclusively. There are trust and mutual understanding. You also show your wrong side, and it is ok. You also feel that this is the end of the line, and you are both not inclined to see other people. Being in a relationship makes you dependent on someone. So you are not afraid to look helpless amid challenges.

Dating Basics

Apart from being lacking from those mentioned above, dating can also be nonexclusive. So people can date other people. When you are dating someone, it can also lead to a serious relationship. After all, dating is the getting-to-know phase of every relationship. People can say they dated on and off before getting into a serious relationship.

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