Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters are great when you have to reach smaller distances fast and you don’t want to walk. Especially popular among kids, hoverboards are great for adults as well. Are you too looking forward to get a hoverboard of late? Well, just before you proceed to buy, remember the common mistakes to avoid while purchasing to ensure a worthy investment.

Not studying the market

The hoverboard market today is flooded with a wide variety of models and not all of them would be compatible for you. Don’t just put your hard-earned money into a hoverboard without studying the market and checking the reviews. The rule of the thumb is to check and compare at least 5 hoverboards before you make the final decision. Go for a one which is backed by rave reviews and happy customers.

In that light, try to go for models that have been in the market for a while. The latest models won’t get you many reviews to check and compare.

Not minding the terrain

All hoverboard models can’t be used in all kinds of terrains. If you have plans to use hoverboards in various kinds of terrains, make sure to especially focus on all-terrain hoverboards.

Not minding the weight limit

Hoverboard models usually come with a definite weight cap. Thus, if you think you can easily ride on the hoverboard you will buy for your child, you are wrong. Always make sure to check the weight limit of a hoverboard before you buy a one.

Focusing too much on price

This is one of the lamest mistakes you can commit while buying a hoverboard. When it comes to the price of hoverboard, you will get models ranging from $180 to even $599. But remember, quality does not come cheap. Don’t end up buying a cheap hoverboard that makes you compromise on major factors like safety, certification, speed or mileage.