Skin cancer usually occurs when naked skin is exposed to UV rays and skin has no protection against the damage. The cells get harmed and start to produce cancer which then starts to spread in the entire body. The people, who are fair-skinned, have freckles, have light-colored eyes, have blonde or red hair are all prone to skin cancer as they have very low melanin to protect the harmful UV rays.

There are various treatments that people can opt for before it is too late. They all depend on the stage at which cancer has reached or the body part where it started.

  • The cancer cells can be taken care of by surgery where they take out the damaged portion and let the body heal the affected area. The cells are removed in a way to make sure cancer doesn’t grow back.
  • Another method called as radiotherapy is used on the affected area in which the doctor uses radio-technology to pass on rays on cancer cells to inactivate or kill cancer cells.
  • One of the most common methods in any cancer treatment is Chemotherapy which used drugs to stop the effect of cancer. The drugs could be used to either stop the cells from dividing or kill them there and then.
  • Immunotherapy is another method which utilizes the immunity of the patient in order to fight cancer cells.

You can also use Curaderm bec5 to fight skin cancer that too without affecting the healthy cancer cells.

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Using the above methods to fight cancer are some of the best ways that would do you the least harm and do away with cancer quickly.