Shape wear is a modern piece of cloth that compresses your body fat inside and gives you a perfectly slim body. It works similarly like when you suck your tummy in, but here the body shaper does the work for you, so you need not worry if about your belly coming out when you breathe deeply or sneeze. It will hold on to you tight. Get the body shaper that is best for you at Shapermint.  

How to choose body shaper?

Tip 1- A misfit body shaper can ruin things even more for you. You need to recognize the area that looks off in your desired dress and pick the shaper that fits you well. If still confused, stick to one that comes in your size.

Tip 2- there are a different option available in the market according to the constriction you want. You can choose one for simple curves or complete figure transformation.

Tip 3- look after the fabric of the body shaper. Make sure it does not roll down after being worn and stays in place, compressing your body. This is a must!

Tip 4- you can choose between an all-over shaper that compresses your entire body and gives you perfect fitting, or you can choose one only for your tummy and thighs as per your requirement. The latter one comes with tights that tone down your legs too.

To end the story, it is necessary to mention that the period for which you wear the body shaper does not matters that much. You can wear modern body-huggers comfortably daily. Although, it is advised that sleeping in a body shaper can play hard with your blood circulation so avoid it.  Rest, you are good to go!