Every person desire to have a great eye color that is different from others and god news is that many things can help you change your eye color temporarily. You can use colored contact lenses to change your eye color, but for this, you need to consult the doctor and have a proper check-up. It is better to get your eye colored change if you are not happy with the one you are having. By getting your eye color change, you can be whatever you wish to be. You can get the sclera contacts as these are considered the best lenses for the people that have eye problems.

One can easily change your eye color with the contact lenses and create a look as he desires for. The cost of colored contacts is much more than that of the regular contact lenses, but they have the strength to change your eye color and thus, are worth spending son. You can also choose the contact lens color on the factors like hair color and the skin tone.

There are some kinds of color contacts as follows:-

  1. Visibility tint

This is the light blue or green tint that is added to the lenses. The visibility tints are faint and will never affect the color of your eye.

  1. Enhancement tint

This is a translucent tint that has a little darker color than the visibility tint. The enhancement tint is to enhance the natural color of your eyes and is solid too. People that have light-colored eyes usually tend to get the enhancement tint.

  1. Opaque tint

The opaque tint can change the color of your eye entirely as these are non-transparent. People that have dark eyes tend to get this type of tone to change the eye color.

Other than the color contacts, you can choose the contacts for your eyes. There are mainly two different types of color contacts that are mostly for light eyes and darker eyes.

 It is better to choose according to the color of your eyes!

For Light Eyes:

People that have light eyes can change their appearance by choosing the enhancement tint as this will define the natural color of your eyes more darkly. You can also get your eye color in grey or green color by choosing the contact lenses of that color. This will gives a great appearance of your eyes, and you tend to have a dramatic new look that everyone stares.

For Dark Eyes:

People with darker eyes must choose the opaque tint for their eyes to give eyes a natural look. You can try some different shades of eye contacts and can get a show-stopping look in the crowd.

You can change the eye color according to the choice and get to know the above points to know what color you can choose for and what tints are available. It is essential to select the eye color contact lenses according to your face, skin tone, and hairs. Get the fantastic look and change your appearance with the colored contact lenses.

Few don’ts regarding the contact lenses:

  • Don’t wear the contact lenses to sleep
  • Don’t rub your eyes while wearing lenses
  • Don’t wear lens while swimming or bathing, I mean to prevent them from getting wet that way.
  • Don’t use anything other than your fingertips to put in or take out the lenses.
  • Don’t panic when the lenses do not come off quickly.

Few things that you need to know about the contact lenses you are getting beforehand!!

  • You need to contact your doctor before getting yourself contact lenses, and he will need all your eye history and present details. Put up with the lenses they prescribe you because that is what’s best for your eyes. On your part, you need to ensure that the lenses you put on are comfortable and not causing you any irritation or discomfort.
  • Your lifestyle decides the type of lens you are getting. Once you add up lenses to your lifestyle, you will need to deduct all the habits and activities that are a potential threat to your eye. You will need to take utmost care of your eye no matter whether you are getting lenses as a visual aid or to change the color of your eye.
  • Not only eyes, but you will also need to take care of the lenses as well. Learn how to put in and take off the lenses gently and the right way. Always maintain lens hygiene and clear them regularly before sleeping. These come to a case with these lenses that needs to keep well, as well.
  • You will find different eye lens cleaners in the market but for choosing the one that is right for you; your eye doctor will help you out. Even if you somehow sleep wearing contact lenses, there comes a lubricating drop that you can use after waking up to get the lens come out with ease.
  • Last but not least, anybody can wear lenses. Both A healthy person and one who has astigmatism can get the lenses according to their needs. There are different color and lens material available in the market. Seeing your need, your eye doctor will choose the right and the best one for you.

Long story short, you need to take a proper diet rich with vitamins that help you get healthy eyes so that you don’t have to rely on the optical aids to see clearly.