Drug rehab centers can either be inpatient or outpatient. Inpatient facilities are also called residential drug addiction treatment centers. It is aimed for patients who have suffered severe effects from drug and alcohol addiction. It enables patients to undergo treatments that help them get back to normal social lives. However, you may be apprehensive whether visitors are allowed during treatments at drug rehab centers? Well, it all depends on varying factors. Will I be able to visit my dear one during his/her treatment at inpatient rehab facility?

Yes and No. It could be possible that your loved one will not be allowed any communication with the external world for the initial few days. This could be necessary to treat him/her in seclusion for betterment. Thereafter he/she can meet with friends and family members as and when required and allowed.

The visitation policies are clearly stated to the loved ones of the patient at the time of admission. These policies vary from center to center and also on the condition and/or wishes of the patient. If the patient shows signs of progress and wants to meet a loved one, his/her family and friends can be invited over for a visit with the patient’s permission.

What should I expect while visiting a loved one at inpatient rehab facility?

  • It is the norm to screen any visiting individual to ensure that he/she is not smuggling in drugs or any substance that could harm the patient. Please understand the devastating effects that alcohol abuse can have as well as drug abuse. So there is absolutely nothing to feel bad or worried about.
  • Sometimes family members will be invited over to participate in group activities along with the patient. This is mainly aimed at improving relations of the patient with his/her family members, and is supervised by a professional family therapist.