The modern generation is all about short cuts and easy ways to get effective results. One of the most challenging tasks nowadays is to get rid of the belly fat and get fit and healthy. There are various exercises that can help you to remove your stubborn belly fat easily, such as running, crunches, etc. Most of the people hate running because it is a tiring exercise and demands a lot of effort and hard work, and along with it, everyone cannot get access to any nearby ground or running track. To resolve this hassle, there are some effective exercises and gym programs to build a lean body without running.

How to reduce body fat without running?


Swimming is one of the most effective exercises that can help you to get rid of your belly fat in a few weeks. It is quite enjoyable to swim and lose some fat altogether. Swimming regularly can help you to reduce bulge o your belly and also tone your legs and arms. To get the best results, you should swim regularly and with maximum intensity to strengthen muscles and reduce fat.


Planks are quite a beneficial exercise to build a strong core and lean your arms and legs. There are various types of planks, but the most beneficial for belly fat is the forearms plank. It put direct pressure on your belly and burns the fat accumulated there.

Sumo squat

Sumo squats put a load on all body and lower the belly fat that is difficult to reduce. It is a simple exercise to perform, stand keeping your feet a bit wide than your shoulders and point them outwards. Hold this position and squat while joining your hands right under your chin. Do 2-3 sets of 10-12 reps of this exercise to get quick results.