Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their secrecy and privacy. The Internet has become available everywhere, and everyone is using it extensively, but with its burgeoning use, problems like hacking and stealing information have also increased. To combat this problem, various developers have created a unique platform known as an anonymous browser which allows the user to surf the Internet without worrying about their information and data being stolen by any hacker. You must use the best anonymous browser because they use different proxy servers and VPN to keep your data protected. Anonymous browsers apps allow you to surf the Internet freely without any worries and tension on your android device.

Some of the top private browsing apps for android helping in anonymous surfing!

Orbot application

It is a popular application available on the android platform, which helps the user to use the Internet anonymously by connecting the user with the Tor network. The app makes your browsing safe and secure by encrypting your internet traffic using an encryption layer. They layer bounces the traffic on different devices all over the world and makes it difficult to trace you and gather your data. It is a sort of VPN app but is entirely free of cost.

Dolphin zero browser

It is the best android app for the users who want to browse the Internet anonymously and provides and unique and enjoyable experience to the users. This browsing app offers you a feature named as ‘Do Not Track’ which you can turn on anytime, and the browser will store no personal information. Along with providing privacy, it also blocks the irritating ads using an Adblocker; using it, you can get rid of all the pop-ups, advertisements, and banners. It has a quite simple user interface and keeps your essential data and information secure.