Cannabis or marijuana is a drug mostly used for medical and recreational purposes. It can also be used in various religious and spiritual is a plant based medicine from cannabis indica and it is declared as illegal in most of the countries around the globe. The cannabis is sold for the medicinal purpose in cannabis dispensaries or shops to public or sometimes to the approved patients only like the Downtown La Recreational Cannabis Dispensary in California.

All about CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) comes from cannabis plant having its own benefits and risks. It helps in fighting cancer, overcoming disorders like anxiety, stress,tension promotes sound sleep and act as a natural pain long as its THC content is less than 0.3% ,it is federally legal .it is an important constituent of medical marijuana and the whole plant is used to produce the CBD oil. The temporary effects of CBD oil are fatigue, diarrhea and change in appetite for some.

Difference between CBD and THC  

THC and CBD are the main components of cannabis oil. Both THC and CBD have same structural formulas with a slight variance in the atomic arrangement of CBD providing THC a psychoactive effect. While CBD is suggested for inflammation pain, THC is looked out for cramp related pain. However, THC is an illegal drug and the person consuming it is like vulnerable to suffer its side effects for a very long time. Also its chronic use can lead to abnormalities in brain and heart making it more hazardous than CBD.

Cannabis oil sold in regular stores has higher amount of THC in its content as compared to the cannabis oil sold in cannabis dispensaries making it more dangerous and perilous for the consumers , posing a risk to their mental health. The CBD oil made in cannabis dispensary is made with naturally high CBD and low THC averting it to become an intoxicating sample. Though non-fatal, use of THC increases the risks of brain disorders especially amongst the teenagers.

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