The legalization of marijuana has been a long time argument across the globe. Just like a coin with two sides, marijuana legalization has both positive and negative effects. While marijuana is proven to be an effective treatment for several diseases, the excessive used or abuse of this substance has a distorting impact to one’s health. Most of the victims of marijuana addiction are teens. Teens tend to be more impulsive and active so they are the usual victims of marijuana. To understand more the relationship between marijuana and teens, here are some fast facts of marijuana for teens.

The teen brain is different from the adults. Usually, teen brain is continuously and actively developing and will not be fully developed until the mid 20s. As such, some of the negative effects of marijuana to the people include difficulty thinking and problem solving, problems with memory and learning, difficulty maintaining attention and impaired coordination. Furthermore, aside from the physical and mental effects of marijuana, there are also negative effects on school and social life to teens. Students who use marijuana tend to obtain lower grades and are likely to drop out of high school than their peers who do not use. Secondly, excessive use of marijuana has been one of the major contributors to the mental health problems of teens like anxiety and depression. Impaired driving is also a big issue in using marijuana that may lead teens to different kinds of road and vehicle accidents. Lastly, the use of marijuana can drive teens to addiction and this will lead to a more serious complication.

In this light, we can still say that marijuana has a lot of negative impacts especially for teens. On a separate note, you can find more pet friendly cbd products at your nearest dispensary in queens.