Cannabis is used for recreational and medical purposes for many of the peoples so that they can fulfill their body’s requirement of weed. This is a specialized plant for the consumption of non-drug elements, but many countries find it threat for society. But on the flip side, countries like Canada and the United States have made it legal to consume cannabis for their recreational purposes.


Let’s discuss the effects it is thrown on three different countries 

  • America

the country which has the most favorable outcome of making cannabis legal in America. With the help of additional readingwe had noticed the most powerful impacts that have been produced. The crime rate has reduced gradually as drug trafficking has diminished in a very positive manner. This also reduced crime at border areas and distribution of marijuana on those particular areas. Mexico and Canada are its touching countries, and they have recorded a fall in border areas.

  • Oregon

 in this country, cannabis was legalized in 2014, after making it legal the arrest rate of consumers has reduced. With this, it also raised the economy of that particular country with more than 25% as more consumers attracted in no time and consumption of marijuana also increased in no time. Numbers also decrease in murder and violent rate as well with 12 and 14% respectively.

  • Uruguay

 this region of the world was the most drowned country when it comes to drugs. But after the legalization of the medicines in the year 2013, this made the country a robust economy. And the record fall in crime rates like murder, kidnapping, and extortion with more than 25% this also helps the country to heal from economic crises as well. After legal cannabis, this also made their relationship strong with neighboring countries from where they make the trade of marijuana.