There is a lot of pressure on newly made parents to choose what’s best for their kid. Whether it is choosing a brand of diapers, food, clothes or simply just choosing a toy. Toys in today’s age and day not only bring joy to the kids but also help in their psychological, mental and physical growth. Moreover, these can also help in sharpening the babies’ mind by providing them with knowledge. There are many apps and websites that provide tips to help exercise their child’s brain, however, none of these work as good as toys. This is because kids can get emotionally attached to toys and place their beliefs in them. Here is a list of those top six toys that not only help a child to boost its imagination and growth but also brings great amusement.


A customizable game box is provided whose settings can change according to the infant’s age. It helps in the early childhood development period. Each box brings along toys, books, sensory objects and even a play-guide. The box can be used for a period of 2 months.

Monti kids

Monti kids deliver toys that are made of wood and would last for three years. These toys are like traditional wooden toys that help in boosting imagination. These also help in building concentration and encourage great strength.

STEM club

Manufactured by amazon, these toys help to build a child’s interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Puzzles, books and toys are provided. The toys are similar to Bbtoy.

Kiwi crate

These crates are full of DIY projects that impart critical thinking in a child’s brain. A crate can be chosen based on interest or age group.

Theraplay box

This box is designed for children with high anxiety and autism. Sensory inspired books, doodle books, squeezable balls etc are provided in the box.

Crafted Cratejoy

The box is fit for budding designers and artist. The best part about this box is that it comes with easy instructions.