A Drill press is a simple drilling tool to create holes in metal, wood, and stone surfaces. It is different from a hand drill as a drill press is used to accurately control the location and orientation of the hole. To bring out the full potential of this simple one-use tool, you can follow the following tips –

  1. Make sure that the table you are using the drill press on is perpendicular as the drill press is best at creating perfectly straight holes.
  2. You can adjust the vibration frequency of the drill press by adjusting the tension of the belt.
  3. An air nozzle can be used to effectively clear away the debris for more efficient use of the drill press.
  4. For different materials, different types of speed should be used for drilling.
  5. Check the depth setting again and make sure that the spindle is lowered until it almost touches the mark.
  6. When drilling materials like steel, it is important to use a tool like toggle clamps to firmly stick and hold the work-piece.
  7. For drilling small parts, a clamp bar can be used to hold them together.
  8. Instead of drilling hole in one go, it is better to continuously plunge and release so that it doesn’t slow down your drilling speed.
  9. When drilling on uneven surfaces like a cylindrical object, you can use a v-block to stabilize it and firmly hold it in place.
  10. Make sure that the holes are evenly spaced to each other.
  11. When drilling shallow holes, you can create a hinged platform instead of tilting the table.
  12. For better support and effective drilling, a bigger table can be used.
  13. To remove the sawdust that may slow down your drilling speed, you can create a sawdust channel for it.
  14. You can build a sanding table in just five minutes for better utilization of its surface.

Follow these simple tips to make your simple drill press the best drill press in your hand.