The herb weed has been used as a recreational drug for ages. But just like everything has updated versions in today’s modern lifestyle, so does weed. Previously the dried leaves were only used for smoking but nowadays they are used to create oil, capsules, edibles etc. If you are someone who does not enjoy the act of smoking you can still enjoy the edibles as they bound to give you the same high, if not more. Just as you can buy weed online you can purchase edibles online as well.

Top 4 great edible weed goodies you can buy online:

  • Banana blast Candy:

These delicious candies are known to have a THC content of about 150 mg per package and 25 mg per piece. As the name suggests, the candies are available in banana flavor but they also have watermelon flavor candies to give you a sort of acidic taste. These candies are popular for curing various ailments such as anxiety, panic attacks etc.

  • Chocolate Chip Cannabis cookie:

Each pack contains 20 cookies and are available for a mere price of $105. The combination of chocolate and 75mg of THC derived from coconut oil make for the perfect munchies. Additionally, you can stuff yourself with these amazing cookies as much you desire as they only contain 5 mg of THC apiece

  • Baked Fudge Brownie Candy:

Well, when the name itself sounds mouth-watering, how could the actual candy not be right? These tasty goodies are available for 6 candies per package and have a THC content of 150 mg in total.

  • Blueberry Haze Lollipop:

If you are looking for something that will not get you high yet offer various advantages -then the Blueberry Haze Lollipop should be your go to choice. These delicious edibles are 100% made from pure Cannabis Hemp Oil are available in the exquisite flavor of blueberry.