GameCrush is a new social dating site, where guys pay female gamers to play games online. This might sound like the most pathetic thing you’ve ever heard, but GameCrush had over 10,000 customers in its first 15 minutes – and here are 5 reasons why.

1. Most Online Female Gamers are Dudes

I know that you just threw up in your mouth just now, but it’s true; lots of female gamers online are freakin’ dudes man – there’s even a male to female voice changer. Males impersonate female gamers (gender bend) online because it’s quite beneficial to be a female gamer. The problem with male / female online gamer impersonation is such a problem that female gamer impersonation has been banned in China. With GameCrush, dudes can at least know for sure that they’re playing with a female gamer instead of some creepy guy. GameCrush might cost a large sum of cash, but for horny guy gamers, it’s the only foolproof way to play with an actual female gamer online.

Thankfully, there are online games where gender doesn’t matter at all. Check out DominoQQ to see male and female play on equal grounds.

2. There’s a Drought in Female Gaming Land

There was a study that showed that female gamers outnumbered male gamers online, but games most guys play are a complete no-women’s land. MMORPGs, first-person shooters, fantasy, sports, and other male populated games are no place for women and if a guy wants to play with a girl in one of those genres, they’ll likely have to pay GameCrush for a female play date.

3. Female Gamer Harassment is at an All Time High

If you’ve ever played a game on Xbox Live (cough, Halo 3, cough) you’ve probably noticed the desperate state of male/female relations in online gaming. The path of the female gamer is a tough one. Whenever guys spot a female gamer online, a new game starts – and it’s no fun for the female gamer. I honestly don’t blame the female gamers on GameCrush because they might as well get paid for for the vast amount of times they’re hit on online.

4. Female Game Baiting Has Already Been Successful

Yeah, so remember when I pointed out that you’re WoW girlfriend has a boner at the beginning of this article? Well, the reason behind this is that female gamers are treated like gold on online games. The good folks over at GameCrush figured out that if guys are desperate enough to play females in online games, that there must be a market for 100% no boner having female gamers online. Guys are willing to buy female gamers gifts, send them friend requests often, and even excuse bad game play (at times) – so why wouldn’t they be willing to pay to play girl gamers on GameCrush?

5. Social Ineptitude

Let’s be honest here for a bit; GameCrush will be a smash hit success because there are millions of guy gamers that just don’t have “game” (pun intended). If you spend 13 hours a day playing fantasy games – you might not be the best at winning in the real world (sorry). GameCrush levels the playing field, by letting anyone chat it up with hot females – that love playing games ftw. A dude gamer doesn’t have to be Casanova to pull a sweet looking chick, they’ll just need to have no self esteem, visit GameCrush, and pay $6.60 per 10 minutes of game play.

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