Shadow boxing is practiced by throwing free punches in the air. It helps fighters to prepare themselves before a fight mentally, condition their muscles, and get a warm-up done during workouts. If shadow boxing is practiced regularly, it promises to show positive results to improve all fighting abilities like strength, power, speed, and endurance.

Benefits of Practicing Shadow Boxing Regularly:

  • Simple: Shadow boxing is quite simple as one doesn’t need any partner or type of equipment. It begins and ends with oneself only.
  • Less stressful: It doesn’t strain one’s body as no external punching bags or pads used; the only resistance in the environment is the body itself.
  • Best Warmup Technique: Before starting any exercise, shadow boxing helps the muscle to be warmed up properly as well as get the required heart rate.

Types of equipment Required:

  • Proper Shoes: well-fitted shoes are a must to get appropriate coordination of legs while practicing shadow boxing.
  • Cones: Football drills or traffic cones are needed to get perfection with foot positioning.
  • Slip Rope: Slip rope is used to get perfection of head movement, which makes drills challenging

Steps to start shadow boxing at Bandar Bola:

  • Set a goal before starting a session.
  • Choose from different workouts like footwork drill, cardio drill, weights, and technique.
  • Execute the chosen drill with full passion. Don’t stop until you are done.
  • Take the feedback given by experts and implement the required changes to get perfect results.


Tips to follow for shadow boxing routine:

  • Never look down while practicing always seems as if an opponent is there.
  • Avoid overextending punches that lead to muscle strain.
  • Head movement should align with body movements for a good defense.

Thus shadow boxing will get you ready for any physical activity.