Your bathroom is incomplete without a basin. Whether it’s the lavatory for your guest or the main big family washroom- a sink is a must-have feature. Now, the bath accessory market is flooded with so many options that it’s easy to be spoilt for choices. But, no worries, the post below offers a handy guide on choosing the right bathroom basin.

Mind the space

The space of your bathroom plays a decisive role in selecting the style of your basic. For example, if it’s a small bathroom, your best options are washplane basin and wall-mounted basins. However, if it’s a large bathroom, you have the luxury to invest in a standalone freestanding basin.

Check the materials

Bathroom basins are available in a variety of materials. The most popular options here are ceramic, natural stone, glass, resin and so on. If you are on tight budget, resin basins would be an economical choice. If you want a basin that demands less maintenance, invest in a ceramic option. On the other hand, stone basins, such as marble basins, speak of grandeur like no other. Glass basins are also impressive with their sleek elegant look and are the best suitable for contemporary bathrooms.

Shape of basin

You will find bath basins in a variety of shapes today to match diverse tastes and needs. The most popular shapes here are oval, round, square and rectangular. The purpose of your basin is a major factor in deciding the shape of your basin. For example, if the basin is to be fitted in your main family bathroom, get a one with spacious bowl, such as a rectangular or big spherical basin. But, if you have to install the basin in guest bathroom which is not used frequently, a small round bowl would do the job.

Always make sure to get a comparative study on various retailers before the final investment.