Plastic surgery can do wonders to enhance one’s visual appearance. But, it’s a complex procedure and several things have to be taken care of to ensure the best possible outcome. While you have been amazed by awesome results of plastic surgery on top celebs- you also have examples of plastic surgery gone horrific. The post here warns about the common mistakes to avoid while opting for plastic surgery.

Not being careful about the surgeon

A lot of people are not careful about choosing the right plastic surgeon. The one you choose should be a board-certified specialist in plastic or cosmetic surgery calgary. Do not go for any other doctor just for the sake of cheap rates. Remember, plastic surgery is a complex procedure and demands special training and equipments. Thus, it’s always an expensive affair. If a doctor shows cheap rates, it could be at the cost of a quality treatment.

Not being transparent with your doctor

This is one of the most condemnable mistakes one can commit when it comes to plastic surgery. You should always be transparent to your doctor regarding your existing medical condition. You must inform your doctor if you are taking any kind of supplement (including herbal ones) or under certain types of medication. Some medicines interfere badly with anesthetic procedures which may even lead to fatal effects.

Besides, if you smoke, you should inform your doctor about it as well. Smoking lowers down oxygen levels and delays the healing process. Based on your smoking habits, your doctor may prescribe you to follow certain precautions to avoid the bad effects of smoking in your surgery.

No follow-up of post-surgery routines

Your plastic surgeon will generally provide you certain guidelines or after-care routine to be followed after surgery. Don’t make the mistake of not paying heed to them as it can lead to adverse effects to your healing process.