Technology bridging communication across the world

Advances in technology have made it easier for practically everyone to connect with the world. Wherever you are in the globe, connecting to different people from different places is only one click away thanks to advanced internet technology. While this has become a huge step towards closing the gap between people of different nations, other factors contributing to the barrier between human connection.

Addressing the language barrier

The most common barrier between people of different descent is language. This makes it difficult for people of different nations to communicate effectively between each other. While translators are now readily available, it is not as efficient and the conversation arising from using translators make conversations unnatural for both parties involved.

Luckily, countless research surrounding translation have resulted in various efficient ways to provide translation services in a more natural and effective manner. There are now devices, like the Muama Enence translator, that allow for real-time and conversational translation which proves quite useful especially during travels.

Introducing Birgus Smart Voice Simultaneous Translator

One other device known for providing excellent translation services is Birgus Smart Voice Simultaneous Translator. This device boasts of support for 106 languages, excellent for use when one is traveling around the world. It translation efficiency reaches about 98% accuracy, ensuring seamless and on-point translation making sure that messages are relayed effectively.

Key Features and advantages

Birgus Translator features a capacitive touch screen for easier navigation. It also supports WiFi connection, making translation much more efficient and language support up-to-date. It boasts of a very fast response time, up to 0.2 seconds, making conversations much more streamlined.

Of course, if you bring a translator device with you during travels, it is useless if it dies in the middle of the day. All these power is made possible through a very efficient processor, which is also power efficient. Birgus translator device boasts of an 8 hour working time with a 7 day standby time from its 1200 mAh built-in rechargeable battery.