Has it already been a year of your married life? Or is it one of the Valentine’s Day gifting ritual of you and your partner? Having trouble figure out what gift could be just the perfect one to show and celebrate your love?

Gifting heart pendants and customised couple jewelries can be a creative way to celebrate your love. The symbol of “heart” always stands for timeless love- while customisation gives you the liberty to make the piece of jewelry as per your preference and vision. It adds in a special personal touch to the gift no matter how big or small they are. Here are some couple jewelry options that you could choose from.

  • Heart Pendants- These heart pendants are one of the most beautiful ways to profess your love for your lady-love. You could opt for the couple heart pendants that can be opened and has a space for photo memento inside. Also there are designs available that come with two halves of a heart into one. It can be broken into two equal pieces- one for him and the other for her.
  • Couple Rings- Customized couple rings are also one of the trending popular choices when it comes to celebrating love with jewelry. You may go for a very simple band shaped ring with engraved personalised message or the date when you first met. Be it your wedding, your anniversary or Valentine’s Day or just a day when you want to celebrate love with your partner- this could be a perfect gift.

  • Couple Bracelets- Another popular choice from the couple jewellery ideas is couple bracelet. These bracelets can be personalised with messages from your partner with you special date engraved. One of the most sought after bracelet design is the forever bracelets for couples. Each of the bracelets has a simple forever message engraved in them which stands for your love to remain and be cherished forever.