Magic: The Gathering is arguably the most popular strategy card game among gamers and enthusiasts alike. For the uninitiated, Magic: The Gathering is a collectible card game released by Wizards of the Coast back in 1993. It features a deep and complex gameplay mechanics accompanied by a vast lore encompassing various planes and ages.

It’s no secret that one has to have a deep knowledge of the mechanics and rules of the game, along with an extensive familiarity of the cards and their effects and uses before one can gain competitive advantage over other players. Like with playing poker online, this will take a lot of studying and practice on the player’s part just to be able to pull off.

Here are some of the basic strategies you can start studying in order to become more adept in Magic: The Gathering:

Do not be afraid to mulligan bad hands

At the start of the game, you need to draw 7 cards from your deck as your initial hand. Depending on which player goes first, you have the option mulligan your initial draw for new ones. Though risky as it involves luck in drawing out the possible best initial set-up for your deck, it’s better than sticking to a bad hand and desperately trying to revolve your initial play around it.

“The sly eagle hides it claws”

During a match, it’s best to hold your hand in such a way that your opponent won’t be able to know how many cards you have with you. Knowing the number of cards an opponent has in his hand is one way to know how they’ll play out the next turns of the match, or if they have the ability to play cards that will work against yours.

            By disguising your hand, you deprive your opponent the advantage of foreshadowing your next moves.

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