Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most popular and biggest online battle royale game to have ever existed. With millions of players playing this super fun game every day, gamers have found out really interesting easter eggs in it. Here are some of them which you can check out for yourself!

Best Easter Eggs and Secrets in Fortnite

Here are the best Easter eggs in Fortnite that we have found out so far in the game –

  • Race Track 

the dirt track replaces the squiggly and is a brilliant place where you can drift in your All Terrain Kart easily.

  • Lazy Links Golf Course 

if you have the Golf Ball Toy, then you need to head over to the Lazy Links. Team up with your friends and enjoy our time there!

  • Moai Heads 

these are randomly generated on the Fortnite map, the Moai Heads are massive monolithic statues. Make sure to visit them because there are excellent chests available around them as well.

  • Viking Village 

a picturesque location on the Fortnite map, you will find the Viking Village South East of Snobby Shores. There is also a huge ship where you can assemble with your teammates and capture a quick screenshot under it.

  • Supervillain Base 

situated near the Snobby Shores there is a secret supervillain base. Access it by landing in the mountain top and drop down the tunnel. You can find exciting chests here as well!

  • Superhero Mansion 

if you want to witness a hi-tech basement full of gadgets, then the Superhero Mansion is your destination. An enormous mansion that replicates the Wayne Manor, it is a fun location to drop by.

So here are the top easter eggs and secrets locations that you just cannot miss! Also, make sure to check out the new tool for Fortnite: Save The World items that have been launched.