Are you a budding game developer who has developed his very first game? That’s great; it could be like the intelligent card games that we see on AsikQQ or exciting fighter games or some cool puzzle. Well, irrespective of the theme of a game, the primary goal of any developer is to make his audience embrace it. But, the gaming world features a cut-throat competition where a new game is being released almost every day. You will need to chart a solid CVP (Customer Value Proposition) that will outline the main points to remember while pitching your game. The post below offers a brief on the main elements of CVP that will magnet people towards your game.

Outline the benefits

A smart consumer will always want to know about the benefits of a new stuff when he is asked to try it. The same goes with your newly developed game. So, your first task is to chart the benefits of your game. Contemplate on the different positive experiences gamers will feel while playing your game. Is it a multiplayer game that allows gamers to play with their whole gang? Or is it a solo-play game which assures some quality “me-time”? Does it contain  really intriguing storyline with a real history to pique the interest of the players? Think along these lines and bullet the beneficial aspects of your game.

List the competitive advantage

You have to point out the facts that make you stand out in the competition. For example, it could be that your new shooter game offers cross-platform compatibility which most of the shooter games don’t offer till date. It could also be that your game has incorporated an advanced feature, such as VR, which most of the games haven’t done yet. The more points you get here on your favor, the better.