Creativity is our way of expressing unique ideas, with skill or talent we are able to use this through businesses such as owning your own clothing line, as a fashion designer and so on. Added to this beautiful creation is the advancement of technology, with the use of newly innovated machinery it gave us the benefit to profoundly improvise, saves time and energy; with the combination of creativity and modernization it made a great impression to people that’s why fashion businesses are overwhelmingly lucrative, but before they have reached to that certain level as what they always say, we should always start small. For instance, designing T-shirts, to achieve such business we should learn the basic uses of the tools such as the use of vinyl on cricut. To ensure that you will properly utilize the use of this tool, let’s understand the steps how.

  1. To the preparation of the Cricut design space and do an outline of your desired design to be cut on the Cricut machine. There’s an availability of selecting designs from Cricut Access or just your authentic design. Once you’ve choose your designs, you are now able to size up accordingly and just click the make it on the upper hand corner.
  2. Gather the materials needed and use the knob on the Cricut, iron the designs for a smooth and successful heat transfer could either be matte or glossy. Customizing it with glitters, flocked or other added designs of your interest.
  3. Once done with step number two, stick the heat transfer vinyl with the shiny backing side down on the mat. After it, place it onto the machine.
  4. After step number three, move on to cutting the heat transfer vinyl design, do take note if you have variety color contents mirrored should be done. For more awesome tutorials about heat transfer vinyl check this youtube video