I love summer for the long days, outdoor activities and lazy afternoons. I hate summer for the heat and the humidity. In fact, I go to great lengths to avoid heat and humidity as much as humanly possible. This is why I don’t live in Florida and probably shouldn’t live in southern Illinois. Without a doubt my largest utility bill in summer is my electric bill. Thankfully over the years I’ve learned some tricks to lower it. You can get all these products on แอร์ 24000 btuราคา with detailed reviews and features. You can even compare their prices there. This is a great way for you to buy electronic gadgets at cheaper prices.

Use Fans

Most people realize that an air conditioner uses far more electricity than a fan. So when possible I use ceiling fans set to rotate clockwise. A clockwise rotation cools the air at ground level while a counter-clockwise rotation pushes the heat from the ceiling to the floor and is often used as a winter setting.

For much of the summer, I am able to place a box fan in an open window to pull in the cool night and early morning air. That means for about half of the day the air conditioner doesn’t need to run and yet the house stays cool.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

I use a programmable thermostat that allows me to set how I want the air conditioner to run. During times when no one is home there is no need to run it so it is set to cool the house just before I return home. This saves as much as $100 a month in July and August.

The correct temperature setting is also important. Setting your thermostat to 77 degrees rather than 75 degrees will save as much as 20% on your cooling bill, according to industry experts.

Don’t Cook During the Hottest Time of the Day

This one was especially easy for me because I generally prefer light meals when the temperature soars. Cold, crisp salads are preferable to a hot meal. When I am in the mood for a hot meal I tend to use my grill. By not adding additional heat to my house I further save on cooling costs.

Buy a Dehumidifier

I cannot stress this enough to anyone who lives in a humid environment. 77 degrees in my house is far warmer than comfortable to me when the humidity is 80%. However it’s pleasant when the humidity is low. The cost of running the dehumidifier is far lower than the cost of the air conditioner plus you can use the water that is removed from the air to water plants, saving on your water bill; as a cost saving measure and because I live in an area that is actually not humid enough in winter, I bought a combination humidifier/dehumidifier.

Using these tips I save on average about 50% on my electric bill or about $300 a month. Over the course of the summer that ends up being a little over $1000. Money that is better spent elsewhere.