Video gaming is a hobby enjoyed by many men and women alike. It could be considered a hobby that is enjoyed individually. However if both members of a couple share video gaming as a hobby, there are many ways that couples can enjoy video gaming together. Think of aiming for good dota 2 boosting as a friendly competition against your partner, or helping your significant other gain boost.

Video games come in various forms such as console games PC (computer) games and arcade games. Console game systems are among the best ways for couples to play video games together. Console games allow for multi-player gaming. Popular console game systems include Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox.

Video Gaming for Fitness

Popular gaming systems now offer games specifically designed for physical fitness. With these physically active games, not only can couples play games together, they can commit to a physical fitness program together.

The most well known gaming system recognized for physical video gaming activities is the Wii. As well, Xbox 360 now offers Kinect, and Playstation 3 has released Move, both of which also advocate active gaming.

Wii offers the incredibly popular Wii Fit Plus. Wii Fit Plus is a fitness game that offers a multi-player capability. The couple can compete against one another for high scores while getting fit at the same time. Wii Sports comes with the purchase of the Wii gaming console. The simple to learn and play games are wonderful ways of getting fit. Two of the games is contains are bowling and tennis, which will get couples up off the couch and getting active. Players will be amazed at how a game of tennis will get the heart going, yet can also be fun and addictive at the same time. Another more intense fitness program is EA Sports Active. This also offers a multi-player option that will give couples a way to work out alongside one another.

Xbox 360 Kinect offers Kinect Sports. Couples can play tennis, boxing, volleyball and even soccer together. Games for Playstation Move that have a multi-player option include EA Sports Active 2. Note that both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 require special additional equipment to play these active games.

Using physically active video games, couples can play games together and get in shape at the same time.

Video Gaming for Teambuilding

There are many multi-player capable console games that allow the players to work as a team rather than competing against one another. Role playing games (RPG’s), first person shooters and even arcade style game are just a few types of games that allow players to work together to complete a task.

In an RPG, players act as specific characters as they move through the game completing tasks. Some RPG’s that have multi-player options are Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. First person shooter games are based around guns and weapons.

Playing video games that require the couple to work as a team will allow the pair to work on successful communication methods. These games require couples to strategize and plan out moves while working in unison throughout the game. The result of this teamwork is a sense of joint accomplishment as they successfully complete their tasks working side by side.

Video Gaming for Fun

Video gamers don’t have to feel the need to get fit or play as a team. Sometimes the goal of playing a video game together should just be to have some down time and to have fun. Some games are great for couples who enjoy healthy competition. Feel like flexing brain muscles together? Couples can compete in a trivia game such as You Don’t Know Jack. There are other games to keep the mind stimulated such as Big Brain Academy.

Musical games are also incredibly popular. If both members of the couple enjoy music, a game like Guitar Hero can provide hours of fun as the duo performs music together. Another popular and incredibly fun multi-player game is Mario Kart, which is a driving game based on the popular Mario and Luigi characters.

Many individuals use video games as a means to just kick back, de-stress and have a good time. Playing a video game together will allow a couple to spend that fun, quality time with one another enjoying the same activity. Mutually enjoyed activities allow for bonding, fun and laughter. It can even spark some healthy doses of competition.

Video games have been a popular pastime since the early 80’s. There is a simple reason that video games have maintained their popularity – playing a video game is just plain fun. Video gaming date nights can provide hours of entertainment and amusement for any video gaming couple.