Many patients with foot problems or posture problems are usually suggested to use insoles. It has gained an enormous amount of popularity and is believed to have really become a hype. It does indeed help with a lot of problems that have tormented people over the years with no solutions. The insoles being so popular have also been attached to some myths.

The myths related to insoles

  1. The first myth related to insoles would be that people usually believe that the softer the insole is the more efficient it is. It is completely not true. Although the feeling of your feet sinking into a soft padded substance seems both comfortable and delighting it is not the best option for your feet structure. The shoe insoles are to help you reconstruct the shape of your feet. The insoles have to be a mixture of soft and hard portions that help mold your feet into the correct shape.
  2. The second myth is that they will be comfortable right after you unpack them. This cannot be true. Since insoles are supposed to mend the feet shape into a more perfect feet shape, they at first apply pressure in various spots that seem to be pretty uncomfortable. The trick is to wear it out and you will soon see it work its magic on your foot shape.
  3. Insoles are just not for people with foot pain. Those terrible knee pains, lower back pain, and those posture problems are also solved with these insoles.
  4. Insoles brace your feet is also a myth. They don’t essentially brace your feet completely. Insoles have certain pressure points at which points they brace your feet to work with the feet shape and the individuals’ posture.

Sum it up

Many companies of insoles and customer reviews like mindinsole reviews give proof of happy customers after the use of insoles.