The Marvel Contest Of Champions is associated with different types of currencies. Units are the main source of currencies. It is associated with lots of useful elements. All players want to get a big amount of units quickly in the account by which they can easily achieve the objectives and make things easier. Here, the interested ones can get the assistance of Marvel Contest Of Champions cheats android. In case you want to get complete details about the units then try to inspect upcoming information.

Where to use?

With the use of units, the players are capable of working on different types of essentials. All these essentials are providing assistance in several ways. Mainly these ones are –

  • Getting premium hero crystals
  • Buying revives
  • Getting special crystals
  • Health potions

These are the major elements that you will get with the help of units. You can spend it for numerous other factors.

How to get?

The most important thing is related to the source of earning more units. In the following details I’m going to mention some.

  • In the game, you can see a specific unit store. The store is associated with numerous offers. By availing such offers, the interested ones can easily buy the units.
  • If you are not interested in spending funds for getting units then you should be focused on the efforts. The players should try to level up account by completing tasks and achieving objectives. Here, they can receive units as the reward of such activity.
  • Another biggest thing is related to the alliance. There are some specific events started in alliances. These events are associated with units as rewards.

All these sources can help you in getting units. Marvel Contest Of Champions cheats android can make the path of success and source of earning units easier and quicker.