In Marvel: Contest of Champions, there are in-game currencies that you can use to purchase skins, upgrade your character and other expenditure you want to make while playing it. In this article, we will breakdown each and every in-game currency there has before you try to search for hacks for marvel contest of champions.

Now, there are 5 known in-game currencies there has in Marvel: Contest of Champions, each of the currencies has its own use and function. Let’s enumerate. First of the list is Gold. This is the basic of all currencies in-game. The main use of it is for upgrade and rank up champs. Next is what we called units. It’s the level up version of Gold but difficult to acquire. Units are being used to unlock preferred masteries. As most player says, it is much easier to get 4 star crystals than getting a 2500 unit.

Moving on with the list is what we called Loyalty. This currency is usually acquired in alliance wars. It is also being used when purchasing class mastery cores that is available in the shop. Next currency would be Glory. It is being said in having the best value among all currencies found in-game. For example, getting 2 glory crystals will give you 7200 shards. Also, it recommends to buy in-game items in the glory store as the stock is quick to replenish should it run out of stock.

Last is battleships. It is said that the only way to acquire this is thru arenas and AQ rewards. And you can only use the battleship currency in the arena crystals. Despite that, arena crystal is said to be the best place to get golds and units. You can spam you way there and acquire lots of golds and units in the process.