Youtube is the place where anyone can get his or her 15 seconds of fame. From the makeup gurus to cuddly cat videos, everything is on there. But for me, there are two Youtube users that stand out and both of them are interconnected. You can get hundreds of views if your content is good. You can even buy youtube views to boost your channel. You can get millions of legit views which is a good way to promote your content on youtube.

The first user is ScooterMagruder. I found his Youtube channel through a friend on Facebook. I don’t remember what video I was looking at but since then I haven’t stopped watching his videos. He vlogs (video log, like a blog but with a ‘v’ for video) on a wide range of topics from ‘top 100 things not to say to your teacher’ to dating advice. In addition to that, he has a mini film on his channel of him and his friend acting like two guys on their lunch break who decide to rob a bank. The film doesn’t end in an expected fashion. What I like most about Scooter Magruder is that he is a very funny guy who is a Christian. He knows how to be funny and keep it clean simultaneously. His work has been featured on the Today Show and other TV shows. Through ScooterMagruder I found the other awesome Youtube star that I like:

Swoozie. This guy is hilarious. My favorite videos on Swoozie’s channel are his cartoon videos. Although most of his artwork is on stick figure level (he can draw really well by the way, not just stick figures), he brings his work to life in a comedic way with his humor and the voices that he creates for his characters. He’s had a Youtube channel for a long time but one thing his channel is known for is his ex-Disney employee series. In this series, he describes his experience working for Disney in high school with funny animation and great storytelling.

I did learn from a sociology class textbook in college that people who work for Disney have to keep on a happy face no matter what. Swoozie’s video series just sheds more light on the Disney employee situation.

Again, what I like about Swoozie is that he is a Christian guy that keeps his channel clean. Even if you think he is about to take you down a dirt road, he always reverts back to his clean side. ScooterMagruder and Swoozie have also collaborated on a few videos and it’s great to see two good guys on Youtube working together. Youtube to me seems like it can be a competitive (and repetitive) place for vloggers, so it’s good to see that users don’t see others as their competition only, but as friends and collaborators.

Since Swoozie and Scooter Magruder bring thought provoking humor into my life, I will continue to watch them and I hope others will start watching them too.